Other companies sell products and services. But as our name implies, we are about much more than that – we deliver power solutions. And our focus isn’t just on the parts, but on complete systems, because that’s what ensures complete power reliability.

From start-up and testing of new installations, to repair, maintenance, training, engineering services, operations support, project management, and more, our integrated approach keeps your business running.

Take a closer look – you’ll see why we’re dedicated to being your total power solutions partner.


Power System Acceptance Testing

At new or remodeled facilities, it’s absolutely critical that when it’s time for “all systems go” things actually go. Electrical systems must work perfectly from the moment power is applied.

That’s why we start well before that time, to test and verify that equipment and components will work exactly as intended when they left the factory. We specialize in acceptance testing to ensure that each individual component of the system was installed correctly, performs correctly, and that all equipment is safe, reliable, and code compliant.

Commissioning & Start-up

Commissioning looks beyond the individual components to make sure everything is well integrated and works together properly and with maximum efficiency at start-up. We can document the process with a web-based tracking system and up-to-date status reports and tools so you can verify exactly what we’ve done during all stages of the project. Start-up testing ensures everything actually works as expected when power is applied for the first time.



Keeping your electrical power systems in good working order is key to minimizing costly breakdowns and outages, preventing accidents, and saving lives. Once your system is fully functioning, we ensure that all components stay in top operating condition – cleaning, lubricating, testing, and repairing.

Our technicians and engineers have experience with equipment from all major manufacturers and specialize in:

  • Low, medium, and high voltage switchgear
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Battery and DC power systems
  • Static transfer switches
  • Automatic transfer switches (ATS)
  • Power distribution units (PDU)
  • Paralleling switchgear
  • Generating systems
  • Transformers
  • Circuit breakers
  • Protective relays
  • Grounding systems
  • Cables

Life-Cycle Extension

Just because equipment is aging does not mean it needs to be replaced. Properly maintained equipment may be a candidate for upgrading or modernization, a process that can be performed for a fraction of replacement costs. And in many cases this results in a product that can experience an extended life equivalent to the life of replacement.

Consideration should be given to:

  • Modernization of outdated and under-rated equipment
  • Circuit breaker retrofit / rebuild
  • Solid state protective relay retrofit
  • Communication packages for power monitoring and control
  • Obsolete electric equipment support

Troubleshoot & Repair

Sigma Six Solutions offers around-the-clock service to help restore your power in the event of sudden loss. Our engineers and technicians can diagnose power problems and get your loads back on-line and then analyze, plan, and implement a solution to prevent a reoccurrence.

In the event of an unexpected power outage, our support starts as soon as you dial our 24-hour emergency service hotline. We’ll stay with you until you are back on-line and comfortable with continuing operations.


Whether you are planning a new facility or upgrading your existing facility, Sigma Six Solutions is here to help. We provide a comprehensive suite of project management services for installations, reviewing proposed designs and plans, performing power quality evaluations and analysis, creating disaster recovery plans, and conducting testing.

Our engineering services include:

  • Short circuit studies
  • Protective device coordination studies
  • Arc flash studies
  • Power quality evaluations
  • Power factor analysis
  • Energy management services
  • Harmonic analysis

Think of us as your total power and energy management partner – THE PLACE TO START – before you start a new facility or upgrade an existing one.


Sigma Six Solutions specializes in customized programs designed specifically to train your staff on equipment in your facility. All courses are fully documented, and attendees can be tested to verify knowledge.

Some of our courses include:

  • High and low voltage electrical safety
  • Ground fault protection
  • Arc-flash fundamentals
  • Automatic transfer system fundamentals
  • Digital static transfer system fundamentals
  • Switching and “method of procedure” development


Planning & Operations Support

Sigma Six Solutions works with you to plan for the future and prepare for unexpected problems that could disrupt your business. We use our operations experience to develop procedures that help prevent undesirable events.

Our experience includes:

  • Safety programs
  • Maintenance planning
  • Emergency response
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Switching procedures

Project Management

Stay focused on your job; let us manage your project. We ensure things will get done as planned, on-schedule, with proper supervision – and in compliance with all requirements, regulations and codes.

  • Management of activities resulting in on-time and on-budget results
  • Design review and construction/startup scheduling
  • Efficient coordination of all equipment shipped to site
  • Evaluation and correction of any transit damage incurred
  • Proper temporary storage and care of equipment
  • Supervision of all installation contractor’s work to specification and code
  • Coordination of subcontractors
  • Coordination, oversight and/or performance of all testing and startup phases
  • Responsibility for all services performed or subcontracted


  • Acceptance Testing
  • Commissioning & Startup
  • Preventative Maintenance Testing
  • Substation Maintenance
  • Switchgear Testing
  • Transformer Testing
  • Protective Device Testing
  • Doble Power Factor Testing
  • Thermographic Surveys
  • Circuit Breaker Testing
  • Automatic Transfer Switch Testing
  • Power / Voltage / Load Recording
  • Project Management


  • Startup & Commissioning
  • Integrated System Testing
  • Facility Operation & Maintenance
  • Critical System Certification
  • System & Operation Training
  • Operating & Emergency
    Recovery Procedures
  • Power System Maintenance
  • 7 x 24 Operation Support
  • Automatic Transfer Equipment
  • UPS Systems
  • Battery Systems
  • Static Transfer Systems
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Backup Generator Systems


  • Short Circuit Studies
  • Coordination Studies
  • Power Quality Evaluations
  • Fault Identification & Repair
  • Energy Management Services
  • Power Factor Analysis
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Failure Analysis
  • Arc Flash Studies