Acceptance Testing

Problem: A commercial developer experiences problems with electrical equipment that was installed just a few years ago. The contractor who installed it says there is no longer any warranty coverage.

Solution: Acceptance testing of the equipment by an independent third party at the time of installation would have ensured that everything met factory standards, eliminating doubts about future reliability and finding problems before the warranty expires. That’s why it’s beneficial to have this check done before new equipment is accepted – hence the name “acceptance testing.”

System Commissioning

Problem: A business started with a small data center, but has since grown to the point where a new separate facility is needed. However there is concern about constructing a new data center – and all the decisions that go with making such a move.

Solution: Mission critical systems require a stringent level of maintenance and oversight. Systems Commissioning as part of any new construction project and throughout the life of the data center provides confidence in moving and maintaining a 24x7 operation.

Infrared Thermography

Problem: A facilities manager is limited in his ability to de-energize his equipment for extended preventative maintenance outages but would like some assurance that his equipment is in good operating condition.

Solution: Infrared thermography by formally trained technicians can help the manager locate hot spots and other electrical problems during operation – eliminating the need for an immediate system shutdown or unplanned outage. This will afford time to plan an outage for repair with the appropriate resources in place, reducing the overall down time.

Coordination & ARC Flash Studies

Problem: An insurance company informs the owner of an industrial facility that, after a review of the facility and its maintenance program, premiums will be increasing.

Solution: An ARC Flash Analysis with proper equipment labeling, combined with a comprehensive safety program set up by an independent third party, lowers risk – and may lower the insurance premiums.

Systematic Maintenance Program

Problem: An investor purchases a decades-old building that has a history of electrical equipment problems. It’s clear that not much electrical maintenance has occurred over the years. The new owner wants to maximize the property investment.

Solution: After an initial evaluation of the equipment, an appropriate maintenance program is developed and implemented. This reassures the new owner as to the condition of the equipment and helps maximize the building’s electrical infrastructure.

Power Quality Analysis

Problem: After recent improvements to a facility, the building manager notices an increase in complaints about the electrical system. The manager isn’t sure what is causing the complaints.

Solution: A Power Quality Analysis can locate and identify problems caused by electrical anomalies, which means the proper fixes can be put in place before bigger problems occur.