At Sigma Six Solutions, we focus on the complete picture –
from the intricate parts that make up an electrical system, to making sure all the components work perfectly together.

This holistic approach gives you the one thing you need most: superior power systems reliability.

Our Team

Knowledge and experience. These two things – above all else – set our team apart from the rest. And it’s what’s enabled us to become a leader in the power systems industry. Because when you have talent like we do, word gets around.

We hire only the best professionals available – people with more than just technical skills. We give them the tools that they need, the on-going training that’s critical in today’s environment, and the support to provide exceptional customer service. This proven formula allows us to attract and retain the most highly qualified technicians and engineers in the business, which in turn delivers good value to our customers.

Key Contacts

John White, President-Emeritus
With over 40 years of experience in all aspects of technical, project management and business development/management in the electrical field service business, John is responsible for development and management of the technical and business processes and systems to assure quality, safety, training, technical accuracy, project success and customer satisfaction.

Lawrence Genova, Operations Manager
Lawrence has 20 years of experience servicing and providing technical support & training on uninterruptible power systems, battery systems, DC plants, static switches, power conditioning systems, power distribution units, low voltage circuit breakers, and generators. He manages and oversees operations, including the field service team and support staff.

Peter Anderson, Billing Administrator
Peter has over 25 years of experience in accounting and office adminstration in a variety of industries, including residential and commercial construction and engineering, with a focus on billing, substantiation, contracts, and cost accounting.

Walter Stanley, Sales Engineer
Walter has over 30 years of experience in sales and marketing with several major electrical power distribution and control manufacturers. Walter works in technical service, maintenance testing, and power studies with a wide variety of customers in the Pacific Northwest.

Our History

Sigma Six Solutions was founded when NETA senior technicians and industry veterans, Bob Ruxlow and Greg Baughman, teamed up to bring practical, reliable electrical testing and engineering solutions to leading companies in the Pacific Northwest. They knew that with the right people, the best engineering know-how and a commitment to doing things right, the business would prosper.

Today, Sigma Six Solutions serves more than 1000 companies in a variety of industries across North America, and is a recognized authority by many of the top companies in a variety of fields. These include leaders in their respective industries.

Our Credentials and Affiliations

Sigma Six Solutions is accredited by, affiliated with or follows the standards of all relevant professional industry associations, including: NETA, IEEE, IAEI, NFPA, Electrical League, 7x24 Exchange, and AFCOM.

NETA Accreditation

When you partner with a NETA accredited company, you partner with quality. NETA Accreditation is not easy to attain. NETA Accredited Companies earn their accreditation through a rigorous application process conducted by the International Electrical Testing Association ("NETA"). This ensures that every NETA Accredited Company provides testing services to the highest standards of safety and reliability as specified by such entities as: ANSI, ASTM, CSA, EASA, ICEA, IEEE, NEMA, NFPA, and UL.

The vision of the InterNational Electrical Testing Association is to set the global standard for electrical power system testing through its technical competence, world-class programs, and consensus standards. With a relentless pursuit of safety compliance, accreditation of companies and personnel, and a perpetual focus on training and education, the Association will assure that safety, quality, and system reliability are basic foundations of the electrical infrastructure.

The Foundation of NETA

NETA is an association of leading electrical testing companies; visionaries committed to advancing the industry’s standards for power system installation and maintenance to ensure the highest level of reliability and safety.


NETA Certified Technicians have earned a Level III or IV NETA Certification in electrical power systems testing and bring the knowledge and field experience necessary to perform testing to industry standards. A NETA Technician’s work experience, education, and training keeps them current with new technologies and provides them the knowledge to perform testing across a wide variety of power systems.


A NETA Accredited Company recognizes the Safety Program is paramount to making sure all other operational goals are met. Safety Compliant means to uphold the highest standards in the industry: standards put forth by OSHA, ASTM, NFPA, IEEE, The National Safety Council, CSA, NEMA, and others. With a dedication to Safety, each NETA Accredited Company implements procedures and continually reviews and updates the firm’s safety program. ANSI/NETA Standards require: The testing organization shall have a designated safety representative to supervise operations with respect to safety.


NETA Accredited Companies are independent electrical power systems testing service providers. They must be divested of competing service or manufacturing interests. As third-party auditors, they provide unbiased electrical testing results while ensuring accurate testing and reporting; never influenced by conflicting factors involved with budgeting, installation, or product manufacturing. ANSI/NETA Standards require: The testing organization shall be an independent, third party entity which can function as an unbiased testing authority, professionally independent of the manufacturers, suppliers, and installers of equipment or systems. An organization having a designation of “NETA Accredited Company” issued by NETA meets these criteria explicitly.


The highest degree of quality is achieved when testing services are performed by a NETA Certified Technician and backed by a NETA Accredited Company. This unique combination ensures qualified personnel are supported by:

  • Corporate infrastructure
  • The latest technologies
  • Calibrated test equipment
  • Comprehensive reporting and documentation
  • Professional Engineer review


NETA Accredited Companies employ a team of NETA Certified Technicians and support personnel experienced in all facets of electrical power system testing and maintenance, doing so in accordance with ANSI/NETA Standards.

How can you ensure the highest level of safety & reliability?

  • Architects, Engineers, Contractors – Always require the project to include the requirements of ANSI/NETA Standards and list recommended NETA Accredited Companies in bid specifications.
  • Owners, Service Providers, Facility Managers – Always include routine electrical power system maintenance and testing in accordance with ANSI/NETA Standards in your maintenance contracts.
  • Utilities – Always partner with a NETA Accredited Company to perform acceptance testing and routine maintenance on all electrical power equipment and systems to ensure safety and uninterrupted delivery of your service.